Michael John Horneman

The release of Michael John Horneman’s debut single “What We’ve Found” in July 2014 marked the beginning of a fresh new direction as a country artist. MJH has spent the last 8 years writing and playing shows along the East Coast of Australia in “map dot” pubs and local venues, writing heart felt songs about life and love. Written from a musician’s perspective, the hard work and dedication to inspiring people through music brings forth his debut release which is all about loving where you live, and living out what you love.

Born in the working class town of Wollongong, before moving to Cooma in country NSW, Michael grew up on a property twenty kilometers out of town. Michael’s music loving parents fostered a passion for music throughout his childhood, which led to further study in Melbourne after high school. The five years in Melbourne’s musical melting pot, gave Michael the opportunity for chance meetings and exposure to some of Australia’s greatest artists. This left Michael with a deep sense of conviction that as an artist, though the road can be long and hard, the joy of sharing music and giving people hope was the catalyst to steer Michael down his career path so far. A return to his childhood town from 2013 gave Michael the creative space to write and develop as an artist without compromising on being true to himself.

The last few years have been spent refining the craft of live performance and songwriting and developing the material to make up new material planned for release in 2018.